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align="right" valign="top" class="cete-left1">Induction Tempering
Induction tempering is becoming increasingly popular as a heat treatment process. If you are a heat treater, you know the importance of tempering after steel is hardened. With process a variety of micro structures and mechanical properties of steel can be produced. With hardening and quenching process of material creates very hard and brittle structure. Untempered martensite is too brittle for commercial use and retains a large amount of internal residual stresses. Reheating of steel after hardening and quenching load to decrease internal stress and developed tempered martensite microstructure. Tempering temperatures are always below the lower transformation temperature.
The conventional way of tempering is to run the parts through a tempering furnace (gas or infrared furnace), which takes several hours, so it very time consuming. The solution of this problem is induction tempering, which takes a few seconds, it is very quick and reliable heating method may be practical economic option to this usual approach. Induction tempering is already being used in high, speed operation to make automotive products and oil counting tubular goods. BOSS ENGINEERS is fastest growing induction company. We provided wide range solutions for tempering of process to many reputated companies. Please contact us freely for more learn about boss engineers and our heating solutions to improve your quality and increase your productivity.
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