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In induction hardening the component is first heated above its critical temperature and then rapidly cool down (quenching), to increase the hardness, strength and durability of iron and steel with this process carbon can freely migrate to new location and transformed structure is formed. Induction hardening is contact less, flame less and energy efficient process, its main benefit is that its take few second as compare to furnace, which takes a long hours.
In this process the material under the heating zone (inductor) is to be heated, so it is very energy efficient and saves lots of energy as compare to traditional method. In which whole mass of the component is heated and it is also pollution free process. Induction hardening is our one of the main application areas, our hundred of plants are already installed and work properly across the worlds. Many of them provided to automotive industry, hand tool industry, agriculture industry, electro-mechanical industry, medical industry and many more. Sometime after induction hardening, tempering process is needed to relief the internal stress of the steel or iron. it is also done by induction or furnace
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