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Induction Forging
Forging is the method in which billet is heated up to the temperature of 1000c to 1250c (according to carbon element) and reform it to give up proper shape of die under the hammer and press. There are many ways of hot forging including induction heating, gas furnace, oil furnace, infrared heater and electrical resistance heater.
Out of these induction heater has many advantages
It creates high heat intensity very quickly at defined part of the metal
Do not need preheating time as I the furnace heating
Heating time is very short
Uniform heat transfer, even in small components which is not possible in alternative method
Induction heating will reduce the scaling which is nearly 1%, as compare to another method it is very less
It is temperature and penetration depth controllable and same result will formed at anytime with only negligible deviations
There are many applications which are come under the forging like
Deep heating of billet for forging
Metal forming and shaping application
Bar end heating
Upsetting (gathering and forming metal)
Rolling of steel parts

Boss engineers provide many solution to the forging Industries for billet heating and end bar heating with automatic, semi automatic and turnkey solutions. With 23 year plus experience we solve many problems of automotive industry, hand tool industry, agriculture industry and other forging industries. If you have a any demand and application or to know more about BOSS ENGINEERS please freely contact with us.

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