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Induction Brazing Machine
Supplier & Manufacturer of INDUCTION BRAZING MACHINE. Our product range also comprises of Induction Hardening Machine, High Frequency Induction Heaters and Induction Hardening Machines.
Boss Engineers is your one source for all your induction brazing needs; we are offering a wide range of induction heating equipment. In our brazing equipments family we offers a many types of machines as per customers requirements like
Manual brazing machinez
Semiautomatic brazing machines
Fully automatic brazing machines
Controlled atmosphere brazing machines
Key Benefits
Fast heating system, as compare to open flame or furnaces.
Transfer more energy then other methods. So it is very energy efficient
Brazed joint are very strong similar to welded joints. It is also a shock & vibration resistant and electrical conductive
Require very less space and reduce the main power.
Controllable and repeatable.
Ideal for inline integration.
Neat and clean method for heating and not increase the ambient temperature of the atmosphere
In which you braze the component at the working place. We are already provided many brazing solutions such as:
Brazing carbide tips on drill bit
Brazing a diamond on cutting tools
Brazing the copper and iron T assemblies
Brazing rotor of submersible pumps
Output power:- 5KVA TO 250KVA
O/P Frequency:- 30KHZ TO 200KHZ
Input phase:- THREE PHASE
Input voltage:- 230 or 400V
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