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Billet Heating System
Billet Heating System
Boss engineers offers Billet Heating Systems With Induction Technology to the forging a revolutionary product. Our Billet Heat practical any dimensions of bar and billets diometers power ranges vary from 7.5k.w upto hundereds of kw,at frequencies range of 50khz.Our Billet Heaters features with our medium Frequency power supply, Which are available in Transistor and JGBT Transistor technology.
Key Benefits
Improved Quality.
Reduce burning losses.
Increase productivity.
Reduce manpower and skilled worker.
Flexibility and easy to upgradation.
State of art IBGT and transistorized technology specification.
Power=7.6kw to 500kw.
Section type=Round, square, profiled section
Frequency=7KHZ to 50KHZ.
Material=Steels, Beas, Aluminum, Copper, Titanium, Silver etc.
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